Cruise ship employment, the best job you could ever find!



Cruise ship employment fulfilled a lot of men and women dream including myself, to travel the world and get paid for it!

Great, you ought to have decided to function onboard a cruise ship, when you have reached here! Let me guide you further with my experience, here are the couple of crucial things you have to know.

A career onboard a cruise ship can offer a wide range of job opportunities for you. It can be financially attractive and enable you to travel to exotic ports all around the world in a job you will enjoy.

However, finding a job on a cruise ship calls for numerous analysis, time, and the right qualifications to get you the right cruise ship job that suit you.

There are three most crucial things that you must have:

It is quite critical that you can speak &amp comprehend English as most cruise ships cater to Americans and English-speaking travelers.

Specifically if you function in the front line divisions like Food &amp Beverage, and Cabin stewards in Hotel, you truly get PAID from the guests directly.

Yes, passport is the most crucial travelling document in cruise ship employment all the personnel working onboard a cruise ship ought to have a valid passport.

3. SEAMAN VISA (For all non-US residents)
When you obtain an Employee Agreement with a cruise ship corporation, you will require to apply for C1 Transit &amp D1 Seaman and B2 Visitor Visa from the United States Embassy. Most cruise ships do pay a visit to United State Of America’s ports of call.

Major cruise lines like Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises are based in Florida, USA hence, the majority of worldwide cruises will depart from Florida or a port in the USA.

These C1 &amp D1 and B2 visas enable you to enter the USA for a limited time only when your ship calls to a US port, typically 30 days :

&gt The C1 visa is for seamen and permits you to function in United States’ ports for a limited number of hours or days and,

&gt D1 is the visa allows you to transit at USA’s ports.

&gt USA B2 Tourist Visas are “visitor visas” and are needed for citizens of countries that are not included in the Visa Waiver Program.

o All foreign nationals who wish to pay a visit to the United States for leisure or tourism are generally eligible to receive a B2 Tourist Visa.

o The maximum length of stay for B2 visitor visa holders is 6 months.

Please get in touch with with the cruise line or agency directly to know what is the specific visa requirements are for your country of origin on cruise ship employment.

Cruise ship jobs are difficult and need lots of lengthy hours. However, you do get PAID to see the world and get the opportunity to develop collegial function relationships that may well last a lifetime!

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